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Why is there 2 names for this company?

Great Question! I started Wallyswishes back in 2000. It was a custom scrapbook company. I would put memories together in a scrapbook format for hire to capture a baby's first year, a memorable trip or a tribute to a loved one. It was such a fun business, but as technology advanced, people started to shy away from scrapbooking.

Fast forward, a lot of schooling and growing my family - I was blessed to become pregnant and a new stay at home mom with twin boys in 2018. Sitting at home all day with them and having my two older kids in school actually allotted for some free time {I know twins shouldn't make it easier but thankfully being my 3rd and 4th child gave me a one up on the situation}. 

I began making personalized gifts for local community members and this grew into creating products for sale, ornaments, wedding decorations, and so much more. I was blessed to get the opportunity to sell in a local retail incubator, The Spark Shop and this really ignited by business. After selling in this setting for 2 years, I wanted MORE, I wanted growth and something that represented a store but was on my terms.

Que the BUS. In 2022, I came up with this crazy idea to transform a school bus into a mobile boutique. My husband actually bit at the idea and we made our school bus dreams come true. We renovated this school bus for over a year and finally launched 4th & Willow in October 2023. The bus allows us to be open when allowed and have the freedom to be present for my 4 kids as they navigate life. 

4th and Willow has a different name because part of my vision was to help local artisans grow with me. You won't find just Wallyswishes products within the bus, we have been blessed with wreath makers, crochet artists, hair bow experts, local youth bracelet makers, and even a coffee sommelier. 

If you have read this far, you are AMAZING! I am so glad you are here and can't wait for you to watch us grow and create in 2024.

Any questions, click me!
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